WinDor Porch Enclosures

Windor has research the Porch Enclosure Market and we have aligned ourselves with only the best in porch enclosure manufactures.  WinDor is your one stop source for all your porch enclosure needs.  Whether is be a simple sceen enclosure for an existing porch or a complete new deck and complete three or four season room we can handle the whole project.  All of our porch enclosure projects include:


Custom Made Four Seasons Sun Rooms

  •  Heavy Duty Extruded Aluminum Frames and Structures.
  •  Single Pane or Highly Efficient Double Pane Glass.
  •  Vinyl or Baked Aluminum Frames, Windows and Screens.
  •  Screens Available in Fiberglass, Clear View, or Charcoal Aluminum.
  •  Fully Insulated Roof Systems in Maintainence Free Aluminum.
  •  Roof Systems also available shingled to match any home.
  •  Complete Fabrication including a Fully Insulated Deck System.