WinDor History


Custom French Wood Doors with Decorative Transoms

Established in 1975,  WinDor is one of the most reconized names in the New England area for anything relating to the replacement or upgrading windows and doors.  Dating back to the mid 1970's WinDor's primary focus was the sales, service and installation of storm doors and windows.  Those roots still remain today and we continue to be one of the few companies to proudly offer storm products to best suit our customer's needs.  Just like every industry the window and door market has evolved and changed rapidly.  WinDor has kept pace with all of these changes and we are very much involved with the premium replacement window market.  In the early 1980's our current owner; Paul Clough, became involved with the business as an installer.  Prior to his involvement in WinDor,  Paul's backround was in the architectual and construction field.  This experience allowed WinDor to advance into every aspect of the window and door market.  Since 1983 WinDor has successfully completed over 20,000 replacement window and door projects.  WinDor has always used a different approach to the installation side of the business.  WinDor has prided itself in the use of fully trained employee based installation.  Our current employee base has employees with over 75 years of combined experience installing exclusively windows and doors.  WinDor also insures our projects have atleast one lead installer on the job from start to finish.  WinDor's lead installers have a minimum of 10 years of employment at Windor.  This type of experience and expertise insures our clients recieve the best possible products for the most competive price.